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Phd Admission

Why you should have PhD?
  • Researcher
  • Scientist
  • Lecturer & Professor
  • Author & Writer
  • Journalist
  • Editor & Critic
  • Philosophical Journalist
  • Industrial R&D Lab professionals
  • Senior Research Scientist

Eligibility For Phd Admission In India
General procedure for Ph.D. program
For admission to the Ph.D. programme, a candidate has to fulfill the following minimum qualifications
Duration of Phd in India?
There shall be four categories of Ph.D. candidates:
  • A . Full-time Scholars, On-campus
  • B . Part-time - Internal
  • C . Part-time - External
  • D . Admission of Foreign Students

  • 1 . The candidates must register under a guide who is a member of the Faculty of the University.
  • 2 . The candidate should be working as Assistant Professor / Associate Professor / Professor or on equivalent positions on permanent basis in a recognized college
  • 3 . The candidate should have a recognized co-guide in parent department of the organization. The co-guides may be from other colleges /organization located from the same place if such persons are not available in the parental organizations.
  • 4 . NOC (No Objection Certificate) is to be produced from the employer of the institution / Organization where he/she is working and attached along with the application.
  • 5 . Co-guide acceptance letter should be also be enclosed with the application form (optional in some University).
  • 6 . The candidate has to produce one month attendance per academic year which will be issued by Supervisor/Co-supervisor.

How to do phd ?
Ph.D Entrance Exams for PhD Admissions
Procedure for PhD Admission process
Entrance Exam
Guide Selection
Topic Selection/ Abstract
Article Writing/Publication
Thesis writing
Viva Voce
You're Doctorate
  • Exam support
  • Guide
  • Topic selection/proposal
  • Minimum University visit
  • Synopsis
  • Course work support
  • Article writing
  • Publication/Conference
  • Thesis writing

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