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Review paper writing

What is review paper writing?
Function of review paper writing
  • They evaluate a specific research question
  • Make readers to understand the topics
  • It talks about whether the product is up to the specifications
  • Explains the market value and the importance of the research

How to write review paper

how to write a good review paper
Here are some steps for you
Title page:

It includes Authors name , affiliation


It should contain approximately 200 to 300 words. Abstract explains about the topic and the over view of the paper


Introduction should indicate what the article contains and Clearly explains every sub-topic to make the reader to understand background information


This includes the subtopics that you are addressing.


It briefly explains the review and the purpose of the article.

Literature cited:

Should be in standardized form

Need for review paper writing

Critical evaluation and analysis of the published paper
Make readers to understand what research is done
Identify the new trends used in the article
Explains extended clarification of the research

Types of review paper writing

Narrative review
Best evidence review
Systematic review
History review
Issue review
Theory/model review

Review report Format

Informal Structure
Formal Structure
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Tips for review paper writing

  • Read the article thoroughly
  • Draft the article by keeping audience in mind
  • Highlight the latest research done
  • Identify the topics need to be improved

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