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Anna University Annexure Journal

Anna University Annexure 1 journal List & Anna University Annexure 2 journal List

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List of fast Accepting Journal
  • Journal must match the Scope of the paper
  • Paper Should be unique
  • Plagiarism below 10%

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List of Fast Accepting Journals

Anna university journal list of 2021-2022

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Research paper writing help for annexure journal

Before applying to annexure journals

  • Before Applying to Annexure journals, one should find a suitable journal for the research area with relevant keyword
  • Before submitting the manuscript verify the types of articles accepted by the journal and verify the journal procedures
  • Get a view of the journal from senior scholars. Analysis journal’s Impact Factor (IF), verify the frequency of the publication
  • Analyze the published articles
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Domain Area

Artificial Intelligence

Software Engineering


Mobile Computing

Embedded System

Power system

Information technology

Cloud Computing

Image Processing

Grid Computing

Medical Image Processing


Signal processing

Pattern Recognition

Marketing Management

Human Resource Management

Information System Management

Data Mining

Web Mining


Banking of Finance

Wireless Sensor Network

Security and Privacy

Soft computing

Bio Medical Engineering

Internal Business

Operation Management

Digital Signal Processing


Communication System

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