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Literature Review

A literature review is a well-designed part of the review article. It has to be like a research paper that will contribute contemporary perception and deliver certain learning such as paperwork and present operating procedures for your research topics. A literature review is one of your collegiate goals. It's a critical recap of what has been already researched, it could be anything related to your research topics. To give your reader a critical overview of the existing knowledge. The literature review must manifest where your analysis fits in. It’s always better to take a glance at the methodological approaches. The literature review will give you the ideas to find out what’s missing from your present knowledge so that you can contribute something original. Writing a literature review will be an added advantage to Degree and Master Holders, such as writing a journal paper writing, thesis writing, and dissertation. We can organise all your Research Paper(s) in the best format.

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Types of literature Review

Conceptual Framework
Gap Identification
Theorem Development
References collection
Annotated Bibliography
Theoretical framework

Ideas For literature review structure


A perfect literature review not only synopsizes the origin but research, arrange, and seriously value to give a clear image of the knowledge on the research paper.

  • Related literature online
  • Decide what you need (Gathering resources)
  • Fill the gaps in paper
  • Length
  • Shape the structure accordingly
  • Write your literature review (Introduction, Body, Organizing Principles, Conclusion)

University guidelines for writing
the literature review


Complete-Guideline-Support to build you as a scholar

Anyone can write a literature review because here are some useful tips for writing a literature review. Here we determine which source contributes to your research. We have desegregated a few guidelines in the literature review while writing. You can see in order to write up a Literature review

Literature review Guidelines

Here are some guidelines:

Review guidelines

Once you analyze the guidelines, it will guide you to understand easily the normal centerpiece of writing in various style formats in the literature review paper writing. Then we must focus on basic document guidelines of the title page (example of spacing, font, margins), Abstract, Body text, Citations, Price of the project, and so on.

Study the literature

Whenever you have recognized and found the paper for your review, you need to examine them and coordinate them before you start writing your literature review like Overview the articles to get ideas for content to the article, Group the articles into categories, and take notes for Format, keys, introduction, strength and weakness of review, search for major trends, identify gaps in the literature, focus on your topics is most important.

Identify the literature that you are going to review

Train yourself on the website or in video and recognize important information based on your field. Using many resources of other databases, for example, search for literature review sources using Google Scholar and also searching using the general name of the research. You can also enter references manually into Ondezx through WhatsApp or E-mail us if you need us.

Select a topic

It will help you significantly if your subject for your literature review writing is the one on which you plan to do your last year's project and is here and there identified with the subject of your last task. In any case, you may pick any insightful topics.

Outline the literature in table

Create a table using excel or word and once you have completed the table in Excel or word Sort by date and then by author and sort by methodology and then date. The upside of utilizing Excel is that it enables you to sort your discoveries as per an assortment of elements.

Arrange the literature initial for writing your review

Review your purpose before you write that provides an overview of the topic which is of interest to you. Keep searching for a unique analysis of the picture that is used in your literature review then create a topic outline for your review. Plan to describe relevant theories and plan to summarize.

Writing a review

Identify The problem area and avoid the world statement
Important Specify why to review the specified topic
Information Google scholar and other sources
Commenting Why certain topic is important
Discuss literature reviews on your topic and others persons
Fill Gap Always ready to take "no studies were found."
Avoid long-tail lists of useless references
Separately If the article is in previous studies, you must different it
Related sources Like journal article, thesis document, Dissertation

How do you write literature review
from starting to end?


Like essays, a literature review should have an introduction, a body and a conclusion.

  • Explain the essential aspects of the current literature
  • Survey the current condition of the literature reviewed
  • Acknowledge errors or gaps
  • Summarize the areas for future study
  • Update your research to current knowledge.
  • What are the sources of literature review?
  • You need to focus on primary sources, throughout secondary sources can be valuable as well.

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An orderly review of literature is indeed a cycle planned as it requires the substitution understudy to be presented to the useful utilization of the most recent writing. The quintessence of the composed test was an organized inquiry that ought to have been replied with a comprehension of current systems. Among the efficient literature review, it is essential to add clear conventions identified with the following system. We, the honest, offer the best support for carefully writing services

The value of Literature Review in Research Paper

When writing a literature review, we should review the literature identified with your research paper, and there are numerous aptitudes you may not know. A perfect literature review will show the distinctions in writing research in your general literature of scholar area on the off chance that you are incredulous of your literature review.



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Begin by the number of sources reviewed and concepts explored. Separate review: 2-3 pages-entire book Introducing a study: 2-4 paragraphs.

Start with the Width of content, the depth of analysis, and the extent of consensus or disagreement in this area. Introducing a study < 5

Focus on the more current sources and take notes while reading literature.

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