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PhD supervisors/guides are the predominant individuals throughout your doctorate journey. During the course of your doctorate, your supervisor will play the role of a mentor (to make your research content more creative), an advisor (to bring the best outcome), and a cheerleader (to encourage you to work hard). An ideal supervisor/guide is the key to your PhD's success, so it is important to make a judicious choice.

PhD programs like social sciences, arts, and humanities often require candidates to indicate a potential supervisor while applying. It is highly suggested that you get in touch with your guide before submitting your application. However, in STEM fields (Sciences. Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics), it is quite usual to apply for a prearranged research project with a supervisor attached. In this case, candidates can still gain from researching or contacting the guide assigned to the research project.

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How to find a PhD supervisor?

A PhD guide should have a long track history of supervising PhD students, with enough experience assisting them through all the way that comes with research. It’s always good to investigate how the previous candidates have done under the guideship of your prospective supervisor – university websites, Research Gate and LinkedIn are the best places to do this

If possible, please do visit the relevant department in person and speak to current doctorate students to get an idea of how they’re learning.

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