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Scopus Indexed Journal

Scopus Indexed Journals and Publication

Why Scopus Index journal ?
Scopus Indexed Journal list of 2019

Types of scopus journal

Regular issues
special issues
Fast track mode
Normal mode

Experience the course of action of Scopus

  • Manuscript arrangement
  • Right journal Selection- Cook you the best quick publishing Scopus indexed journal list
  • Proof reading services, journal guidelines ,Plagiarism check , as per your university and Grammatical correction
  • Journal presenting process
  • Re-editing process based on the reviews
  • Resubmission if needed
  • We track the publication status and update the truthful statement to the scholars
Fast Publication support For Scopus
  • Select The Journal As Per Your Domain
  • We Will Monitor Your Journal Status
  • Plagiarism Below < 10 (IThenticate)
  • Paper Quality Must
  • Within A Month Publication

How to publish A paper in scopus Indexed Journal

  • Identify the most appropriate journal to the current subject of study.
  • An open access journal requires authors and co-authors to pay processing fees.
  • Get an idea about fair idea about the format, style of writing, way to make the readers read the paper.
  • Prepare the paper completely to suit the format, style and voice of the journal.
  • Submit your completed paper.
  • Online submission includes name, email address, topic, type of research conducted, the institution, goal of the research.
  • Once paper has been submitted the review committee takes five to thirty to verify.
  • After reviewing a notification about the review process is send and chosen for publication in their journal.
  • If paper is rejected, focus on where you went wrong and improve.
  • The transfer of copyrights is getting your research work published in a journal, as different journals involve varying copyright procedures and rules.
  • Notification from the publishers with details including in which issue it was published, if there were any changes made to it at the last minute, etc are received.

Fast and easy scopus indexed journal publication

  • Make Sure Your Cover Letter Is convincing and satisfying.
  • Finding the Scopus Indexed Journals That Offers Quick Publishing
  • Check for Top Scopus Indexed Journals
  • Upload the completed paper
  • Make Things Easier For The Reviewing Committee
  • Stick in to all Formatting Guidelines
  • Check for plagiarism
  • No missing deadlines
  • Follow up

How to check Scopus indexed Journal

  • Url should be types ion
  • Official Scopus page will open
  • Click the down sources option
  • Look at the journal list and check for the targeted journal
  • If not select the source finding media option
  • Select the needed option
  • Search with the name, title, ISSN number
  • Details about journal will appear
  • Click on the journal to get the complete information.

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How to check SCOPUS indexed journal 2020-2021

  • Open the Sources page
  • search to see a general selection of journals
  • click on the View Journal Rankings
  • Search using Subject Area, Title, Publisher, ISSN and source type
  • You will get the journal you are looking for

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