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Real Time Implementation-Civil


Light Weight concrete
Self Composting concrete
Geopolymer concrete
Fibre Reinforced concrete
High Strength concrete
High-Performance concrete
Hybrid Fibre-Reinforced concrete

Testing and Design

  • Test on Cement and Binder
  • Test on Mineral admixture
  • Test on Aggregates
  • Test on Reinforcement
  • Flexural Beam -Testing
  • Compression -Testing
  • Split tensile-Testing
  • Concrete Shear Testing
  • Bricks, and Block Testing
  • Non Destructive testing
  • Chemical Test
  • Rapid Chloride Penetration test
  • Acid and Alkaline Test
  • Sorptivity Test
  • Ultrasonic pulse velocity Test
  • Concrete mix design - Cement and Mineral admixture
  • Concrete mix design - Geopolymer
  • Concrete mix design - Self-compacting concrete
  • Flexural Beam design - Reinforced Beam
  • Column, Slab, Footing, Tank, Staircase design
  • Reinforced Flexural beam Analysis Calculation