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Research Proposal

What is Research Proposal
How to write a research proposal?
  • Title page
  • Summary
  • Introduction
  • Literature review
  • Methodology
  • Timeline
  • Reference Section
  • Appendices

Types of PhD research proposals

There are two types of PhD research proposals

Unfavourable Proposal
Continuance Proposal
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Research Proposal format

A research proposal should not longer than 200 words
A research proposal should explain the proposed research work.
The research proposal explains a broad summary of the present work and the resolved issues
The research proposal includes a table of content, introduction, literature review, method, and discussion.

Organizing your research paper

Following task is important in the research Proposal

How a Best Research proposal be like

  • Based on the detailed analysis on the specific research area in terms of designing a novel concept.
  • By the comprehensive review of the literature to distinguish the existing problems
  • The research gaps and research questions should be considered.
  • The logical steps should be taken for the accomplishment of research goals at the right time.
  • Demonstrate the significant components of the research
  • The implementation platform should be considered before proceeding with the research.
  • The utilization of sources for the proposed research is appropriate

Research Proposal Basic Question

How Do You Plan to Achieve Your Goals?
Why should one go into research?
How will you conduct your research?

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  • Common Introduction
  • Literature Review
  • Principle
  • Method and Design
  • Plan
  • Importance and Ending
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