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Ph.D. Admission Information

Why should you have a Ph.D. (Doctor of Philosophy)?
  • Researcher
  • Scientist
  • Lecturer & Professor
  • Author & Writer
  • Journalist
  • Editor & Critic
  • Philosophical Journalist
  • Industrial R&D Lab professionals
  • Senior Research Scientist

Ph.D. admission
Eligibility For Ph.D. Admission in India
General procedure for Ph.D. program
For Ph.D. admission, the candidate has to complete the minimum qualification
Duration of Doctorate in India
There are four categories of Ph.D. candidates Before Ph.D. Admission:
  • A . Full-time Scholars, On-campus
  • B . Part-time - Internal
  • C . Part-time - External
  • D . Admission of International Students

  • 1 . The candidates must register under a guide who is a member of the Faculty of the University before Ph.D. admission in India.
  • 2 . The candidate should be working as Assistant Professor / Associate Professor / Professor or on equivalent position on a permanent basis in a recognized college
  • 3 . The applicant should have a recognized co-instructor in the same department of the organization. The co-instructors may be from different colleges /organizations located in the same area if such entities are not available in the parental organizations.
  • 4 . NOC (No Objection Certificate) is to be produced from the employer of the Organization where he/she is working. This is attached along with the application.
  • 5 . Co-guide acceptance letter should be also be enclosed with the application form (optional in some universities).
  • 6 . The candidate has to produce one month of attendance per academic year which will be issued by the Supervisor/Co-supervisor.

How to do a Ph.D.?
Ph.D. Entrance Exams for Admissions
Procedure for University Admission process
Entrance Exam
Guide Selection
Topic Selection/ Abstract
Article Writing/Publication
Thesis writing
Viva Voce
You're Doctors
Admission Updates For 2022
University Register

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