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Unique area in research paper publication

  • Most fast publication journals opt for post-publication peer review and open access to reduce time delays and manage large submission volume
  • After submission of paper, manuscripts are screened for basic accuracy, relevance, originality, plagiarism, the extent of the match with the journal’s scope, and the like
  • Screened and approved manuscripts are published online as un-reviewed versions.
  • Manuscripts are reviewed after they are published and reviewer comments are published along with the article.

Paper publishing Squad

Just check the guidelines of the journal to which you want to submit the paper for details of how (and for details of what sort of papers they accept). Usually, the paper should be in a specified format and you can upload it through a web form. A unique area in research paper publication

Unique area in research paper publication

  • Read the aims and scope of the journal in which you wanted to submit the paper
  • Read or Download Guide for Authors
  • Check if the journal is invitation
  • If you want to publish in open access know that most Elsevier journals have open access options explained on the journal homepage
  • Submit your paper to one journal and check the journal performance for the review and publication timelines
List of publishing journal
  1. Elsevier Journal Finder...
  2. EndNote Match: Find the Best Fit Journals for Your Manuscript....
  3. Journal/Author Name Estimator (JANE)...
  4. Publish or Flourish Open Access...
  5. Springer Journal Suggested...
  6. Think...
  7. Web of Science Master List
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How to publish a paper in international journal

  1. First and most important, find a valid research problem in the area where you want to do research
  2. Do the research and try to solve the problem with your idea and innovation and get some good results.
  3. Find journals based on the impact factor and results of the journals. Know the scope of the journal, when you do select a journal. Make sure that the publication of the research paper should be similar area.
  4. Prepare the manuscript according to the guidelines and submit your paper to an international journal and wait for review.
  5. Once we receive the reviews and if all is good according to journals guidelines then the manuscript will get published.

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Following Publication, authors will be given

  • Digital publication Proof
  • Journal link and single research paper open access web link
  • Complete Journal (digital book. Phr) along with cover page
  • Indexing with Google Scholar, Cite seer, Open Access Research Database and other indexing partners
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